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Psychological testing is designed to diagnose underlying issues that may require treatment. Many conditions have overlapping symptoms. A child struggling to focus in school may have ADHD or a learning disability. Some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder may appear as hearing impairments in children. With psychological testing, we can pinpoint the source of the issue so you and your loved ones can seek appropriate treatment.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for psychological testing in Clawson, MI in Oakland County, call (248) 244-8644.

Looking at the Horizon

Psychological Testing for All Age Groups

Different age groups require different testing accommodations. For instance, a young child may not have the communication skills for a complete verbal interview. We can use play therapy to interact with the child and gauge his or her responses. Perspectives Counseling Centers provides psychological testing in Clawson, MI for children and adults. We work with infants as young as 18 months, and we provide a personalized testing environment to suit each person’s needs.

  • Personalized Psychological Testing Solutions, Including Play Therapy for Children
  • Highly Accurate Diagnoses for Learning Disabilities, Mood Disorders, Personality Disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Other Conditions
  • Treatment Recommendations through Trusted Providers in Clawson, MI
  • Work Evaluations and School Readiness Exams from a Top-Rated Psychological Testing Center
  • Counseling and Therapy Available at Multiple Therapist Offices in the Clawson Area

If you have received a referral to our office, call (248) 244-8644 to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us to ask questions about psychological testing in Clawson, MI, such as insurance coverage and confidentiality. We will answer any concerns you have.

Highly-Accurate Results for Psychological Testing in Clawson, MI

At Perspectives Counseling Centers, we receive many referrals for psychological testing because of our high accuracy rates. Effective treatment starts with an accurate diagnosis. In fact, many clients come to use because they have been misdiagnosed by other providers and they aren’t seeing an improvement in treatment. We have a proven reputation, and we have experts on staff in nearly every area of mental health care. Contact the closest location to you to learn more about psychological testing in Clawson, MI.

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