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Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home? Have you lost touch with friends and family members because of your collecting? If so, you may be in need of hoarding addiction therapy. At Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers Near Farmington Hills, MI in Oakland County, we provide personalized counseling services to suit your specific needs. If you are reaching out on behalf of someone you love, you can rest assured that our confidential therapists have the knowledge and expertise to help your loved one take control of his or her addiction. Reduce your stress and enjoy a more fulfilled life by working with a dedicated hoarding addiction counselor near Farmington Hills, MI. A hoard-free life is closer than you think.

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Hoarding addiction has become a widespread concern throughout the country, impacting as much as 5% of the world’s population. While there is no way to know just how many hoarders there are in Farmington Hills, we do know that therapy and counseling can help them get through their compulsions. The causes of hoarding addiction remain unknown, but genetics, evolution, and family environment are all assumed to play a role in this development.

Just How Many People Experience Hoarding Addiction In Farmington Hills?

Consider these hoarding statistics from the International OCD Foundation:

  • 75% Of Hoarders Experience Excessive Buying
  • 50% Of Addictive Hoarders Grow Up In A Household With At Least One Hoarder
  • Up To 5% Of The World’s Population Hoards
  • 18-40% Of OCD Patients Show Symptoms Of Addictive Hoarding
  • Only 15% of Hoarders Say Their Behavior Is Irrational
  • Hoarders Are Three Times More Likely To Be Overweight
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50-70% Of Hoarders Respond Positively To Hoarding Addiction Therapy

Recent studies show that 50-70% of compulsive hoarders respond positively to therapy and counseling. By working with a carefully matched hoarding counselor for your specific needs, you can identify the root of your addiction and learn how to control your compulsions. With over 30 therapists and counselors at two secure locations near Farmington Hills, we are sure to have the help you’re looking for.

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