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Christian counseling near Farmington MI in Oakland County combines the power of the Word of God with tested and proven therapy solutions for today’s unique struggles. Whether you are facing depression, addiction, divorce, uncontrolled anger, or any other emotional turmoil in life, the Christian counseling services at Perspectives Of Troy can get you to a better place in life. Build your future through faith, and discover a new level of happiness and peace – all through the help of experienced Biblical counselors near Farmington, MI. Together, we will see what God has in store for you and ensure that you follow His plan in life.

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What Is Christian Counseling And Therapy?

Christian counseling can take on many forms, but it all stems from the Scriptures written in the Holy Bible. Biblical counseling is designed to guide a patient to a better place in life, whether it be a life free of addiction or a stronger bond with family and friends. No matter what struggles you are currently facing, you can learn to overcome them with the powerful messages the Lord has to offer. Our licensed Christian counselors and therapists will show you the unbelievable joy that comes from faith-based therapy.

Applications For Christian Counseling

  • Bond With Your Spouse Through A Shared Belief System
  • Discover Your True Value In Life As One Of God’s Children
  • Appreciate The Joys Around You And Become A Leading Example Of God’s Work And Wisdom
  • Control Your Anger And Restore Your Connection With Your Family
  • Conquer Substance Abuse And Alcohol Addiction By Finding A New Form Of Happiness
  • Learn How To Overcome Moments Of Grief And Loss By Understanding God’s Plan
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Work With Trusted Christian Counseling Centers Highly Recommended By Local Churches And Schools

Our family counselors and Biblical counselors near Farmington, MI are frequently recommended by local churches, schools, and medical professionals because of our unique approach to Christian counseling. We take the time to understand the root of your problems, and then we show you how to overcome them with the Word of God. Feel the presence of the Lord in the room with you as you complete your counseling sessions, and seek his wisdom to guide you through life. By accepting the Holy Spirit in your heart and fully absorbing the lessons available to you, you can learn to conquer any turmoil that comes your way.

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