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There are obstacles at every stage of a relationship. Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Wixom, MI have marriage counseling programs to cover each hurdle you come across. Whether you’re preparing for marriage now or you’ve been together for 50 years, our couples counselors can work with you to improve your communication skills and resolve conflicts fast. Take the stress out of your marriage and enjoy the love you share with the help of a marriage therapist near you.

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Confidential Marriage Counseling In A Comfortable Setting

All of our counseling programs are completely confidential, so you can speak out and let your voice be heard. Our services are highly recommended by churches and healthcare facilities in Oakland County because of the quality of care we provide our clients. We have more than 30 counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff, and each one specializes in a unique area of behavioral development. You will be paired with the professional that best suits your specific needs.

Some of our most popular marriage counseling programs in Wixom, MI include:

  • Premarital Counseling To Prepare Couples For The Challenges That Come With Marriage
  • Divorce Prevention Therapy To Give Your Marriage The Fighting Chance It Deserves
  • Couples Counseling After Infidelity – Learn How To Love And Trust One Another Again
  • Stress Management Solutions, So You Can Work As A Team To Get Through Life’s Toughest Obstacles
  • Relationship Addiction And Codependency To Build Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationship
  • Family Counseling For Children, Parents, And Everyone In Between (Ask About Our Child Counseling Programs)
  • Domestic Violence Counseling For People On Both Sides Of The Abuse | Proven Anger Management Programs Available
  • Christian Counseling That Uses The Word Of God To Enhance Relationships And Build Loving Marriages

Don’t let simple arguments stop you from having a fulfilling marriage. Our marriage counselors in Wixom, MI are here to guide you every step of the way.

Tested And Proven Conflict Resolution Strategies

Feel like your arguments go on forever? During your marriage counseling, you will learn effective communication skills to resolve conflicts quickly and easily. Whenever you face a stressful situation in the future, you will have the tools to talk things out and come to a mutual agreement. This stress relief will ultimately result in fewer arguments and more quality time with your spouse. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers to learn more about our marriage counseling programs in Wixom, MI.

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