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When you need confidential marriage counseling that works, Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers are here for you. We have multiple locations near Novi, MI, and all of them have specialized marriage counseling programs for couples in Oakland County, MI. We will match you with the counselor or therapist best suited for your specific needs. We have seen tremendous success from our marriage counseling programs, which is why we come highly recommended by local churches, healthcare facilities, churches, and more. Take advantage of our marriage counseling programs in Novi, MI, and enjoy a better quality of life as a couple.

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Strengthen Your Relationship Through Confidential Marriage Counseling

New challenges arise at every stage of your relationship. The obstacles you face as newlyweds are much different than the obstacles you face after decades together. Here at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, we offer confidential marriage counseling specifically designed for each stage of your relationship. Some of our most popular marriage counseling services in Novi, MI include:

  • Premarital Counseling For Couples Who Are Preparing For Marriage
  • Relationship Addiction Therapy That Helps You Establish Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationship
  • Family Counseling For Patients Of All Ages, So Your Children Can Better Understand Your Struggles And How To Overcome
  • Personalized Couples Counseling, Including Therapy After Infidelity
  • Divorce Prevention Therapy To Help You Get You Through The Most Difficult Times In Your Marriage
  • Domestic Violence Counseling For Both Victims Of Abuse And People Who Struggle With Anger Management
  • Christian Counseling For Couples Who Want To Enhance Their Relationship Through Faith

Rediscover the beautiful bond that made you get married in the first place. Contact Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers at (248) 269-9760 to schedule an appointment with a marriage counselor in Novi, MI.

Learn Valuable Communication Skills To Prevent Arguments And Improve Your Marital Bond

Excessive arguing is one of the most common causes of divorce in Michigan. By learning how to communicate with your spouse, you can stop arguments before they happen and prevent them from escalating too quickly. Speak out in a confidential environment and let your voice be heard, all while gaining insight into your spouse’s feelings and emotions. With professional marriage counseling, you can develop communication skills that will strengthen your marriage for years to come.

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