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Are you looking for a teen counseling provider with experience? Perspectives Counseling Centers have proudly been in operation since 1985, and we have several experienced teen counselors on staff. Our therapist’s office in Clarkston, MI, and Oakland County is a safe, comfortable environment that teens like and parents trust. We love working with families to help them overcome obstacles in their lives. Give us a call at (248) 688-9071 to see what we can do for your family.

What Is the Goal of Teen Counseling?

The overall goal of teen counseling is to help a teenager improve his or her quality of life. There are other goals that go along with that though, such as improving performance at school or helping a teen learn to be more social. The process is completely personalized, so each teen receives the individual care he or she needs. Parents are also invited to participate in the process so they can create a positive environment for their children at home. Here is a brief overview of how teen counseling works at our Clarkston, MI therapist office:

  • Figure out Why a Teen Feels Anxious, Depression, Ugly, Helpless, Angry or Sad
  • Overcome Teen Depression by Conquering It at the Source
  • Reverse Negative Thought Patterns That Make Depression and Anxiety Worse
  • Boost Self-Esteem and Combat the Effects of Bullying
  • Work through Issues Like Eating Disorder, Self-Harm, and Addiction
  • Create a Positive Family Environment That a Teen Feels Safe and Respected in
  • Rebuild Bonds in the Family That May Have Been Damaged over Time

Again, teen counseling is an individualized experience catered to each teen specifically. When you give us a call at (248) 688-9071, we will pair your teen with the best teen counselor for his or her needs. Reach out to our Clarkston, MI office today to learn more about teen counseling and therapy.

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Get Help for the Whole Family 

Teen counseling is mostly focused on the individual, but it also involves some family participation. This is especially true if there are conflicts in the family that are causing the teen to feel anxious, depressed or unhappy. A teen counselor can help parents better understand what their child may be going through, and he or she can create an open flow of communication among the family. This will ensure a positive experience well into the future.

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