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Perspectives Counseling Centers is proud to offer psychological testing in Novi, MI in Oakland County. Our psychological evaluation services cover a wide range of circumstances, including career planning, learning disability testing, neurological disorder testing, employee and management assessments, ADHD testing, and much more. We have a strong reputation in the Novi community thanks to our high accuracy rates and comprehensive mental health care services. To schedule an appointment for psychological testing or to learn more about our counseling programs, call (248) 946-4664.

What Does Psychological Testing Do?

Psychological testing serves several purposes. In some cases, it is used to identify mental health issues, learning disorders or behavioral conditions that may impact a person’s life. Some psychological evaluations are meant to evaluate a person’s state of mind (intelligence, mental capacity, career placement, etc.). We will help you find which option is best for you when you contact our office about psychological testing in Novi, MI.

  • Pinpoint Underlying Mental Health and Behavioral Development Issues
  • Diagnose Learning Disabilities, Including Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia
  • Identify Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Determine If a Child Has ADHD, ODD, ADD, Or Other Conditions That May Impact His or Her Quality of Life
  • Provide Recommendations for Treatment Following Psychological Testing in Novi, MI
  • Assess Intelligence and Achievement Levels
  • Evaluate a Person before a Court Appearance (Typically a Witness or Defendant)

To get the process started, call (248) 946-4664. We will answer any questions you have about psychological testing in Novi, MI.

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Psychological Testing Services for Children, Teens and Adults

Different age groups have different psychological testing needs. For instance, young children may not be old enough or responsive enough for a verbal or written interview. They may require play therapy for their psychological evaluation. Perspectives Counseling Centers offers psychological testing in Novi, MI for every age group. We have specialized services to meet each family’s needs, and we can provide follow-up treatment for many diagnoses. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation for you or a loved one.

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