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Professional psychological testing is easily accessible at Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Oakland County. With over 40 licensed counselors on hand, we can provide a professional evaluation for your specific needs. From career testing to personality assessments, we provide a full range of clinical tests in a safe, confidential environment. Contact one of our Metro Detroit counseling centers at (248) 244-8644 to schedule an appointment with a specialist.

Confidential Psychological Testing At One Of Two Convenient Locations In Metro Detroit And Oakland County

We understand your need for confidentiality. Our psychological testing services in Metro Detroit are available in two convenient locations, with ample parking and easy access to smart bus routes. Extended hours and Saturday appointments are available to accommodate your busy schedule. Choose from a wide range of clinical evaluations, including:

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Achievement Testing
  • Personality Testing
  • Adaptive Functioning Testing

Contact us at (248) 244-8644 to receive a custom evaluation from one of our 40+ licensed therapists and psychiatrists in Oakland County.

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Perspectives Of Troy Is The Only Counseling Center In Oakland County With Worldwide Certification (CARF)

You can trust in the accuracy of our psychological testing. Perspectives Of Troy is the only Oakland County counseling center with worldwide certification (CARF). All of our specialized counselors and therapists are licensed to practice in Michigan, and many of them have more than 20 years of experience in their fields. We have two conveniently-located counseling centers in Oakland County and Metro Detroit, with more-than-adequate parking and bus routes nearby. Contact us today to schedule your psychological evaluation.

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Custom Psychological Tests To Fit Your Needs And Goals

Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers provide a wide range of psychological tests to suit your specific needs. There are many reasons why you may need a clinical evaluation, including:

You may need more than one type of clinical assessment to truly understand your mental health. The professional therapists at Perspectives Of Troy will determine which testing will best determine your condition and treatment options. Call our office at (248) 244-8644 to schedule your appointment for an assessment.

What To Expect From Your Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation will be customized to fit your unique circumstances. In most cases, the test will begin with a consultation with a specialized therapist. From there, a person will complete an in-depth interview where a counselor will assess behaviors, responses, and reactions to strategic questions. The therapist will evaluate the state of the patient’s mental health and discuss possible treatment options, if necessary.

If the psychological test indicates a need for professional counseling services, the patient may schedule a follow-up appointment at one of our counseling centers in Oakland County. Together, we will work with improve the person’s quality of life and address his or her personal needs.

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