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Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers are some of the largest counseling centers in the Clawson, MI Oakland County area. We have over 30 counselors and therapists on staff, all specializing in a specific area of behavioral development and mental health. Whether your child is a victim of bullying or a teen struggling with peer pressure, our professional counselors have the tools and expertise you need to help your child get on the right path. Your entire family will enjoy a better quality of life thanks to the help and advice we provide in our child counseling sessions. You can learn more about our services and our child counselors when you contact our office at (248) 244-8644.

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Get Paired With A Child Counselor Who Specializes In Your Child’s Needs

One of the biggest reasons why many Clawson, MI schools, churches, and hospitals refer patients to our counseling centers is because we take the time to pair each patient with the best counselor or therapist for his or her needs. During your phone consultation, we will ask you targeted questions to help determine which of our staff members will provide the exact help your child needs to succeed. You will get the highest quality care right from the start so your child can overcome current obstacles and move forward in life. Choose from a wide range of child counseling services, including:

  • Family Counseling, Including Conflict Resolution, Team Building, And Communication Skill Development
  • Childhood Depression Counseling And Therapy
  • Child Grief Counseling To Help Children Understand Their Emotions After The Loss Of A Loved One
  • Blended Family Counseling, For Times When Two Families Blend Together To Become One
  • Divorce Prevention Counseling For Parents And Post-Divorce Child Counseling
  • ADHD Treatment To Help Your Child Develop Important Social Skills
  • Teen Substance Abuse Counseling And Self-Harm Prevention
  • Academic Evaluations – Learn Why Your Child Is Getting Bad Grades
  • Child Abuse Counseling And Bullying Therapy
  • Self-Confidence Building For Children Of All Ages, Sizes, And Backgrounds

When Is The Right Time To Reach Out About Child Counseling?

If you are worried about changes your child is going through, it may be time to seek professional child counseling. Social withdrawal, erratic behavior, poor academics, and difficulty sleeping are all signs of underlying issues your child may be facing. This could range from bullying at school to family conflict at home, depending on your child’s unique circumstances. Your child counselor will work with your son or daughter to understand why he or she is acting in a certain way so you can all work together toward a solution. Get your child on the path to success with a little help from our child counselors in Clawson, MI.

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