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Addiction comes in many forms, and it does not discriminate. Some of the most esteemed and celebrated people in the world have battled with addiction in their lives. If this is a battle you are currently facing, know you are not alone. Thankfully, there are tested and proven ways to overcome addiction, regardless of how it came about. Perspectives Counseling Centers in Oakland County offers confidential addiction recovery services in Clarkston, MI. We have experts for nearly every form of addiction, and we will match you with the right one for your needs. Give us a call at (248) 688-9071 to learn more about addiction recovery.

How Does Addiction Recovery Work?

Addiction recovery is not a linear process. There are steps you might take along the way, but those steps vary from person to person. At our Clarkston, MI counseling center, we believe in the power of personalized addiction therapy. Your therapist will design a program that suits the nature of your addiction, your lifestyle, your personality, and more. Here is a general overview of what the process may entail:

  • Pinpoint the Root Cause of the Addiction
  • Determine What Makes the Addiction Better or Worse
  • Find Healthy Coping Mechanisms for Depression, Stress, Anger, Etc.
  • Work with an Experienced Addiction Therapist in Clarkston, MI
  • Work through Underlying Personal Issues, Such as Anxiety or Low Self-Esteem
  • Bring Closure to Past Traumas That Spark the Addiction
  • Learn How to Control Addictive Urges and How to Avoid Addiction Triggers
  • Get Support from a Trusted Addiction Recovery Center near You

It all starts with a phone call to our Clarkston, MI office. You may reach us at (248) 688-9071 to learn more about addiction recovery or to schedule an appointment with a therapist in your area.

Reaching Out

Judgment-Free Addiction Recovery Solutions 

Your addiction therapist will never judge you for your past or your current circumstances. The goal of addiction recovery is to help you overcome addiction, no matter what caused it in the first place. We want you to have a better quality of life – the happiness and confidence you deserve. Best of all, we have the expertise to help you get there. Experience that for yourself by contacting our Clarkston, MI addiction recovery center.

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