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Perspectives Counseling Centers offers affordable eating disorder treatment in Novi, MI of Oakland County. We have several specialists on staff with years of training in eating disorder recovery. Some of our most popular counseling programs include:

  • Body Dysmorphia Treatment
  • Anorexia Treatment
  • Bulimia Treatment
  • Exercise Addiction Treatment
  • Binge Eating Treatment
  • Compulsive Overeating Treatment
  • Chronic Dieting Treatment
  • Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder Treatment (ARFID)

We work with many insurance providers, and we have a sliding scale for out of pocket payments. Our goal is to help you get the treatment you need, regardless of your circumstances. Give us a call to learn more about eating disorder treatment in Novi, MI.

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You Set the Goals for Your Eating Disorder Treatment

We build our eating disorder recovery process on goal setting. Every patient sets specific, measurable goals so they can track their own progress. This may start small – “I will go one day without throwing up.” Then we can expand to a new target. Your eating disorder therapist will work with your nutritionist, when applicable, to help you find realistic goals for your health and body. During your eating disorder treatment program, you will…

  • Identify the Causes of Your Eating Disorder
  • Learn How to Control Negative Thoughts That Contribute to Eating Disorders
  • Set Goals to Measure the Success of Your Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Your Eating Disorder Therapist Will Work with Your Nutritionist
  • Boost Your Self Esteem and Overcome Symptoms of Body Dysmorphia
  • Get Safe, Confidential Eating Disorder Recovery Right Here in Novi, MI
  • Additional Counseling Services Available for Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, and More

If you are interested in eating disorder treatment, contact Perspectives Counseling Centers in Novi, MI. We will match you with the best eating disorder therapist for your unique needs so you can jumpstart your recovery.

Treat Your Eating Disorder from the Source

At Perspectives Counseling Centers, we don’t just treat the symptoms of eating disorders. We get to the root cause of the eating disorder so you have a better chance at success. Our eating disorder treatment programs in Novi, MI have helped dozens of people overcome their eating disorders completely. Get ongoing support from an eating disorder therapist you can trust. We look forward to working with you.

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