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From premarital counseling to divorce prevention therapy, Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers in Auburn Hills, MI has the couples counseling programs you need to enhance your relationship and overcome difficult obstacles in your life. A staggering 43% of Auburn Hills adults are married, and less than 18% of the population is divorced, separated or widowed. While these statistics do indicate strong marital bonds in the area, there are still plenty of challenges you may encounter in your relationship. Thanks to the experienced couples counselors at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers, you can get the skills you need to conquer those challenges as they arise and let your marriage thrive.

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Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers is one of the largest counseling groups in Oakland County. We have over 30 counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists on staff, and each of them specializes in a unique area of relationship development and behavioral health. Whether you’re preparing for marriage, overcoming infidelity, or you simply feel disconnected from your spouse, we have a program that’s just right for you. Some of our most sought after couples counseling solutions include:

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Learn Valuable Communication Skills You Can Carry Through Your Marriage

Communication is a crucial component of any relationship, no matter how long you have been together. This is one of the areas we focus on most in our couples counseling program. Speak out and let your voice be heard in a relaxing, confidential environment, all while learning about how your spouse truly feels. Your couples counselor will go over tools and techniques you can use to avoid arguments and improve your communication at home. This will also give you a chance to get through difficult situations like financial stress, cheating, moving, job chances, and more so you can keep your relationship going strong.

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