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Grieving after the loss of a loved one is a natural human reaction. If you are struggling to overcome a loss in your life, having a strong support system will help you through the process. At Perspectives Of Troy in Oakland County, we provide grief counseling services for groups and individuals, so you can get the help you need to move forward with your life. Express your feelings and overcome your loss through trusted and proven therapeutic methods. We truly understand what you are going through, and we would gladly help you reach a better quality of life.

Get Matched With A Professional Grief Counselor To Share Your Feelings And Learn How To Manage Them

Work with a licensed grief counselor near you who understands the grieving process entirely. We will match you with the therapist that will best suit your needs so you can get the individualized care you deserve. Speak out in a safe, confidential environment, and share your story with someone who will really listen. Your grief therapist will share tips, tricks, and tools you can use to cope with your loss and help you move forward in life.

Affordable Sessions Available For Grief Counseling In Oakland County

Would you rather express your emotions in a group of other people coping with loss? If so, we provide affordable group grief counseling that you can sign up for at any time. Our group sessions last for 8 weeks in total, and in that time, you will meet people at all different stages in the grieving process. Together, you will learn effective ways to overcome your loss and find the strength you need to move forward.

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Reasons To Try Group Grief Counseling

  • Listen To What Other People Have To Say About Loss, Grief, And Healing
  • Build The Support System You Need To Overcome Your Devastation
  • Meet Others Who Share Your Struggles And Emotions
  • Make A Plan For Life After Loss
  • Get Expert Insight Into The Grief Process And Learn How To Navigate Through It Successfully
  • Express Your Emotions In A Safe, Confidential Counseling Center In Oakland County
  • Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Own Thoughts And Feelings

You are not along in your grief. Contact Perspectives Of Troy counseling centers in Oakland County to sign up for one of our grief therapy sessions. We have over 30 therapists, counselors and on-staff psychiatrists on hand, so you can get the care that is just right for you. Give us a call at (248) 244-8644 to learn more about our grief counseling solutions.

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