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The specialized couples counseling near Farmington MI we provide at Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers is designed to set your relationship up for success. Whether you’re still in the dating phase or on the verge of divorce, our marriage counselors and couples therapy experts will help you work through your problems and enjoy a more fulfilled relationship. Learn how to solve problems easier, and let your opinions be heard.

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Every stage of a relationship has its own unique challenges, and we have couples counselors on hand who specialize in each of these situations. No matter how long you have been together or what personal struggles you are trying to overcome, our family and marriage counselors are here to assist you. Take the weight off your relationship and bond with the one you love through helpful and caring advice from our counseling centers near Farmington, MI.

Personalized Couples Counseling Services

If you need more than one form of couples counseling, we will create a personalized plan to get your relationship on the road to recovery. Schedule an appointment with a couples therapist near you, and learn how to rebuild your marriage for the future.

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Your Confidentiality Is 100% Guaranteed!

At Perspectives Of Troy Counseling Centers near Farmington, MI, we understand your need for confidentiality. That is why we provide a safe, relaxing environment for you to express your feelings and learn more about your spouse. You will be paired with a marriage counselor or therapist who specializes in your unique situation. Feel safe knowing that you are getting the quality care you deserve. Contact us today to enjoy a better relationship moving forward.

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Transitioning From High School to College - Teen Group
Join us beginning July 18 for a 6-week in-person group for teens focusing on providing them the necessary tools to succeed in college. Thursday afternoons from 2:00-3:00pm.