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Has a therapist, career counselor or doctor recommended psychological testing for you or a loved one? This process is designed to identify learning disabilities, mood disorders, intellectual functioning, and other information that may not be easy to assess through talk therapy. Perspectives Counseling Centers in Oakland County offers psychological testing in Madison Heights, MI, and we have proudly served this community for over 30 years. Scheduling an appointment is as simple as calling one of our offices. Reach out to the location nearest to you to set up a consultation.

What Is the Purpose of Psychological Testing?

Psychological testing serves several purposes. In many instances, they are used to diagnose learning disabilities, mood disorders, autism, and other conditions. However, psychological testing may also be used for employment purposes. A young adult may go through testing to determine which career path is best for him or her. A management candidate may get a psychological evaluation so the company can decide whether to follow-through with the promotion. The possibilities are endless, and we have solutions for all of those situations at Perspectives Counseling Centers.

Here are some reasons we conduct psychological testing in Madison Heights, MI:

  • Identify the Cause of Academic Struggles, Such as ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and More
  • Diagnose Autism and Asperger’s in Children, Usually between 18 Months and 3 Years Old
  • Diagnose Mood Disorders or Personality Disorders
  • Evaluate a Job or Management Candidate on Behalf of a Company
  • Get Ideas to Plan for a New Career
  • Find Underlying Mental Health Conditions, Such as Depression, Anxiety, or Codependency
  • Assess a Person’s Aptitude
  • Provide a Diagnosis for Treatment Referral

If you are interested in psychological testing in Madison Heights, MI, contact one of our many locations in the area. We work with most insurance programs, and we have experts in most areas of mental health and behavioral development.

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Providing Psychological Testing in Madison Heights, MI Since 1985

Perspectives Counseling Centers has been in operation since 1985. We receive many referrals for psychological testing in Madison Heights, MI because of our high accuracy diagnosis rates. Hospitals, doctors, schools and other therapy centers trust our psychological evaluations. We are proud to serve such a diverse community, and we look forward to working with you.

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